A Mindful Approach to Nursing Care


Mindfulness for Nurses

Mindfulness is the cultivation of moment-to-moment non-judgmental awareness.  It is the art of deep listening, paying attention and being present to our experience. It is the opposite of mindlessness, where the attention is scattered, and awareness is limited, which can contribute to nurse error and compromise patient safety.

The practice of mindfulness can help nurses to be more attentive and responsive to the needs and concerns of patients. Mindfulness promotes safe, effective and compassionate nursing care. In addition, mindfulness can help nurses avoid professional burnout and compassion fatigue by learning to respond to the challenges and stresses in health care with greater awareness and resilience.

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How to Practice Mindfulness in a Moment

As nurses, many of us work in a fast paced environment with multiple and sometimes competing demands. How can we practice mindfulness in the midst of a hectic day. Watch this short video by Martin Boroson to learn how.